Mission and Values

My Mission is...

To optimise oral communication skills development for preschool- and school-aged children living on Montreal's South Shore who have speech and language difficulties through speech and language assessments and therapy in French, English or with an interpreter with professionalism and efficiency in order to better the future of Quebec society.  

Love of the children
Children are my passion and my main motivation; I love each one of them and they give it back to me.  
I support the emergence of communication skills and I have the privilege to contribute to give every child a voice to communicate with the world surrounding him or her in order for him or her to then participate in community development.  
I have the conviction that we can learn everything better when we have fun and through games.  
I wish for accessible speech and language services for all and I believe that every member of the community is an essential actor in children's communicative development.  
I am a competent, reliable and honest speech language pathologist who make sure to meet the highest practice standards to ensure customer satisfaction.  
I recognize the value of each individual and I offer listening and consideration to each and everyone.