Package for SLPs

Being a joyful, free and zen speech-language pathologist!

Do you wish to make a difference while staying mentally sound?

Good day to you, dear SLP colleague!
I am Manon, SLP and owner of Éclore Speech Clinic.  Would you like to be your own boss?  Do you want to start your private practice?  I offer you the best formula to make it super easy.  Contact me! I can't wait to meet you!

  • - You will choose your work schedule and your vacation periods.  
  • - You will have great flexibility to ensure work/family balance. 
  • - You will choose clientele types with whom you wish to intervene.  
  • - You will spend more time in direct contact with clients (compared to many jobs in the public system).
  • - You will be able to offer speech therapy services over a longer period of time, which will really make a difference in the client's life.
  • - You will have the opportunity to intervene with clients presenting milder or moderate language problems.  
  • - You will have more fun working and stay mentally sound.
  • - Your package will be based on a  determined price that will be easier to budget and will give you the possibility to increase your income.   
  • - You will determine fair prices for assessment and therapy based on your experience.  
  • - You will be able to attend all the trainings that interest you without having to ask for authorization.  

  • The package includes:
- A soundproof room with a window, that can be locked.  
- Furniture in good condition.   
- A common waiting room.  
- A dining room.
- A kitchenette with a refrigerator and a microwave.  
- A wide variety of games and toys.
- Speech and language assessment material.
- Speech and language intervention material.
- Registration on the clinic's website.  
- Internet access for you and your clients.  
- Access to the clinic's appointment software.  
- The possibility of referencing clients.  
- Air conditioning in summer.  
- Free outdoor parking without reserved spaces.


No more
- Overload due to administrative tasks.  
- Endless mandatory meetings.  
- Need to select who will receive SLP services.  
- Sparse SLP services.  
- Informing parents of their child's language problem, and then telling them he/she will not be seen by a SLP or does not meet the criteria for SLP services anymore.  
- Pressure to meet quotas.  
- Busy managers or superior who don't understand what you do and who impose procedures on you without even consulting you.   
- Lack of speech and language therapy tools.  
- Searching for an office or even a room with acceptable conditions to do your work. 
- Salary that does not recognize your fair value.  
- Trips to the multiple sites assigned to you.  
- Lonely lunch in your office.  

All in an environment conducive to exchanges and knowledge sharing with your peers.  

Possibility of package for language stimulation agent for speech-language pathology students.