Oral Language and Speech Sounds Therapy

For whom?

For children whose speech and language skills have already been assessed within a 6-month period at the most, be it at our clinic or somewhere else.  A report written by a speech-language pathologist is required to determine therapy goals.  

By whom?

By a Speech-Language Pathologist member of the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec. 

For whom?


The speech-language pathologist will work with the child on the goals that will have been formulated and prioritized following the assessment.  This will be done while playing with toys or games in order to motivate the child.  Activities will be suggested to the parents so work can continue at home in between sessions.  

How often?

Therapy frequency will be discussed with you.  In general, one session takes place every one to two weeks for most problems.  

What are the rates?

Therapy rate is 165$/hour.  Assessment and therapy rates are determined by each speech-language pathologist according to her professional experience.  The cost of speech and language assessment and therapy is often reimbursed by insurance companies.  Find out from yours.